Beautiful Blessings

Just a few days ago, a friend of mine presented me with the most gracious and cherished gift. A painted portrait of each of my dogs! It was months ago when she asked me for a photo of each to paint. She had said she didn’t know how long it would be before they were finished. I was okay with that, she does this as hobby to relieve her stresses. Her paintings have always been very beautiful and I had no doubt she would paint my pups with as much care, detail and beauty as all her works of art.

It took her about six months and the result….Well, let’s just say, astonishing!  I couldn’t believe how remarkable they were! My eyes welled up with tears of gratefulness, awe and how breathtaking the beautiful details of each portrait portrayed, capturing the personality and essence of each dog! I fully expected to compensate her for such amazing works of art, but she wouldn’t hear of it. It was a gift.  It was an unexpected gift. A pure gift from the heart. She explained it was what I needed.

She knew more of what I needed I did. You see the last 6 months have been a very emotional roller coaster and I won’t go into too much detail other than between family sicknesses, emergencies and resulting in four deaths, two of which were a very significant part of my heart, my dad and grandpa. I don’t talk too much about it. I keep it in and allow just a select few a glimpse of what I feel into my world. I break down often in secret. My husband sees all and is my main support, to that I’m very grateful. My friend is one of those special few I allow to see me as I am. She wanted to bring me a little piece of joy, the best way she could. She accomplished her mission with grace and a  beautiful soul with a pureness God had bestowed onto her. She is a beautiful blessing.

As I pondered on this marvelous gesture of friendship, I also reflected on how my own dogs provide a friendship with a pure heart. How often they have brought me joy during my time of need and also when I wasn’t in need. They are here to always welcome me home with exuberant cheer. They show me what unconditional love looks like. They don’t judge me or care if I look a hot mess or like a beauty queen. They bring laughter, a listening ear, comfort and companionship.  They know what I need and when, before I do. They have teaching abilities and wisdom, if I allow myself to be taught by them.

God gives them beautiful and pure souls, that we often take for granted. They are a beautiful blessing.

Give your dog some thanks with a few extra treats today and some extra love every day. Show how grateful you are for them.

How has someone in your life made you feel special?




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